Ankara Hacettepe University

Havaş buses depart from the airport for those arriving by plane. There are 11 TL fees and it is about 50 minutes depending on the traffic density. Get off at Aşti stop and read the section for those arriving by bus. Some havaşlar also leads to the Red Crescent. In this case, please read the section by Metro. For those arriving by bus (Aştiden), get off at the Ankara bus station (Aşti). You have two alternatives. You can use the metro or METU minibuses. The first alternative is dolmuş. You can get to METU in 25 minutes by taking the METU dolmuş directly in front of Aşti. However, since the Aşti metro line (Ankaray) is different, you need to make a transfer from Kızılay. Please read the section with the metro below for more.

Fast Train

Go to a subway station from the map below. Please read the section with the subway below for the post.



Metro ile kızılay durağına, milli kütüphane durağına veya beytepe durağına gidebilirsiniz. Eğer diğer üçünden biri daha yakın değilse Kızılay üzerinden gelmeniz tavsiye olur. Metro haritası aşağıdadır. Nasıl telaffuz edildiğini öğrenin You can go to Kizilay stop, national library stop or beytepe stop by metro. If one of the other three is not closer, it is advisable to come over the Red Crescent. Below is a map of the subway.


Beytepe Metro Station

If you can get here, then you only need to use Beytepe Metro - Beytepe Campus bus. Insıde Map